GSI Outdoors 74125 Compact Scraper , Grey, 3.4 inch Price: $4.99 (as of 10/04/2023 01:09 PST- Details)

Compact, lightweight dual-sided pot scraper
Essential for kitchen cleanup in the field or at home



Who knew a small piece of rubber and plastic could turn out so Very important? This lightweight GSI pot scraper includes a soft rubber blade and hard nylon edge to safely scour your non-stick surfaces. Flexible to get around the entire curves and crevices of your pots, it’s small enough to slot in any cook kit and powerful enough to scrub up the worst burned-food mess—all without dirtying a rag or sponge. Measures 3.4 inches long by 2.1 inches and weighs a feather-light 0.6 ounces.

All GSI Outdoors products are fully warrantied to the original owner against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship.

GSI: It’s All About The Outdoors, The Rest Is Meaningless

Beginning with a couple of pieces of blue enamelware and a smattering of campfire accessories in 1985, GSI Outdoors continues to create unique, imaginative, and fun products that make stronger the outside experience – including stainless steel and enamelware cookware, tableware, coffee percolators, water bottles, and more.

Compact, lightweight dual-sided pot scraper
Very important for kitchen cleanup within the field or at home
Safely cleans non-stick surfaces without scratching
Measures 3.4 inches long by 2.1 inches; weighs 0.6 ounces; backed by full manufacturer’s warranty

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